Putnam County Retired Teachers Association
2018 - 2019 Meetings
at Putnam Inn at 12:00n

September 11, 2018:    "Getting to Know Each Other"
October 9, 2018:    
Susan Stewart will present a newly developed Putnam County Museum educational program, "Emma Stigler, Putnam County Schoolmarm"
November 13, 2018:    
Covered Bridge Harmony singers will perform.
March 12, 2019:    Tom Sutherlin, Greencastle Chief of Police, will speak on Drug Problems.
April 9, 2019:    Eric Claflin, Director of Operation Life, will speak on Operation Life Ambulance Service.
May 14, 2019:    Lynne Cox, IRTA Area 4 Director, will present updates from Indiana Retired Teachers Association.